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The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund aspires to have a positive, lasting impact on well-being and community life.  The foundation’s interest areas are multifaceted, and many programs cross over traditional categories.  For example, the Fund’s food initiatives advance health, economic development, educational and cultural goals. Good neighbor grants support a wide spectrum of local organizations serving all New Yorkers, and grants support an innovative idea brought to life in partnership with the Illumination Fund. Sustaining and Legacy commitments are with institutions that are long-term partners with the foundation. Rather than limit grantmaking to specific issues or organizations, the Illumination Fund supports programs that increase access and opportunity across a wide spectrum of fields, and its program areas are means to achieve impact rather than isolated categories.

Giving is focused primarily in New York City.  The Fund makes grants for special initiatives – often with public policy impact – as well as for core programs and institutional growth. Read more about  the Illumination Fund’s mission here.

Healthy Food

There are great challenges to accessing healthy foods in many of New York’s neighborhoods, and vast disparities in diet-related diseases. The Illumination Fund supports novel strategies to expand availability of healthy foods and promote healthy choices through systemic changes and partnerships with deep-reaching community-based institutions.

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New York City Community

The Illumination Fund is committed to supporting major cultural institutions and community organizations to increase cultural access and opportunity for New Yorkers. The arts and education play a critical role in forming a quality base for enrichment in New York City through their unique power to inspire minds, stimulate creativity, enhance learning and build quality of life.

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Organizations that mobilize individuals toward a shared vision of social change enhance society and strengthen communities.  The Illumination Fund supports initiatives that activate the spirit of service and expand the capacity of nonprofits to recruit, manage and retain skilled volunteers.

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Jewish Life

The Illumination Fund supports a limited number of projects in the U.S. and in Israel that foster community engagement, constructive expression, cultural exploration and communication.

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Proposal Policy

The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund explores funding ideas and generates initiatives through research, long-term partnerships, and networking with thought leaders. The foundation accepts proposals by invitation only and does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.